There always seems to be one toy that every kid puts at the top of their list. There was the year when everyone wanted a BMX bike, and the Christmas when Tickle Me Elmo caused fights to break out between parents in toy stores.



This interactive journey will take you though the last 35 years of Christmas toys, showing you the most popular for each year.

Each toy comes with extra info to give you an insight into its history and how it was designed. You can watch the original adverts for many of them, as well see how the original price compares with more modern versions.

The journey starts in 1980 with the most popular and iconic toy of all time - the Rubik's Cube. This puzzle was originally called the Magic Cube because it could be twisted and turned any number of times and doesn't fall apart.

A little over a decade later, the Sega Game Gear appears as a rival to Nintendo's Game Boy, offering a colour screen and backlighting for the first time. The list covers every year up until last Christmas, charting a changing landscape of technology and popular culture.

See if you can remember what year your favourite toy was number one, or you could just enjoy the nostalgia trip and watch some 90s adverts. You can also share your favourite toys on Facebook or Twitter by simply clicking the buttons next to each picture.

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