With the restrictions back in place, it means once again that we have to get creative within our homes for things to do to celebrate yet another milestone in the year. So if you have a toddler, here are some ways you can keep them entertained in the lead up to midnight. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Open up some presents: If you held some presents back on Christmas Day because you were worried your toddler would be overwhelmed getting them all in one go, let your little one open up what’s left to bring in the New Year. Depending on when you give them to your child, it will keep them occupied for a while as they peel back the layers and inspect their new things. 

Watch a movie together: While your toddler probably won’t be up for the fireworks and the clock turning twelve, you could watch a movie earlier in the evening while tucked up under a blanket as a family. Choose some toddler friendly snacks and drinks and select something you know your little one will sit through till the end. If you toddler prefers something short and sweet, a CBeebies bedtime story at 6:50 might be the better choice. The celebrity for this year’s episode hasn’t been announced yet, but with Tom Hardy and Dolly Parton as past readers, it’s exciting to think about who it could be!

Prepare a mini buffet: You may not be having everyone around like you usually do but toddlers love nothing more than finger foods- so prepare a modest spread of all their favourites and let them tuck in.  Having an informal evening meal like this means they can graze between playing with their new toys. 

Watch the fireworks: People always set off fireworks earlier in the night at New Year, so if your toddler isn’t fazed by the bangs and cracks they make, turn out the lights and watch them from the comfort of your couch or bed so they get to enjoy them even if they are asleep when the New Year finally arrives.

Dress up and decorate: Most people will be glad to see the back of this year- I don’t think I need to go into the reasons why, so it’s important to celebrate its conclusion in style. Buy the silly hats with 2021 emblazoned across them, put up banners, get special t-shirts made, cover your living room in balloons- do whatever you need to do to say adios to a terrible twelve months. Your toddler will love all the shiny, sparkly things and playing with the balloons so it’s worth investing in a bit of bling for everyone involved. 

Crafts: Draw a giant 2021 on a large piece of your toddlers drawing paper and get them to decorate it and colour it in. Draw a giant clock and get them to do the same or use a large paper plate and ask them to turn it into a pretty clock with glitter, paints, crayons and pencils- or whatever else you have to hand.

Make a New Year sensory bin: Grab an empty box and throw in some bags of large confetti, a couple of empty champagne flutes, shiny shredded paper, and a load of foam numbers (like what you would use in the bath) and let your toddler go wild. Young children love nothing more than putting things into containers and emptying them out again so this simple activity will keep them entertained for a good while. 

Happy New Year to all the parents of toddlers out there! 

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