Within numerology, eleven is a power number, meaning it can’t be divided or reduced, so in terms of what this means for a person who is born on this day- whatever they send out into the world will come back to them. Essentially, if they are kind to and considerate of others, they will receive the same treatment back. But let’s take a closer look at what it means to be a number 11…

RooM the Agency / Alamy Stock Photo

RooM the Agency / Alamy Stock Photo

Delicate: Number elevens don’t take well to criticism, they take it to heart which means they aren’t suitable for business as they get too emotionally involved in the decision making process. Because they are fragile and are therefore easily offended and hurt by people’s comments, it’s up to you to try and toughen their skin early on. Offer constructive criticism as much as possible so they aren’t left feeling too deflated. Along the same vein, they can’t stand unkindness to others so if someone is being critical of you, they will be the first to defend your corner. 

Healers: Your baby will grow up to shine in areas of healing and advisory roles such as a counsellor or health coach. Their approach is gentler and softer meaning they will guide people through to their desired destination rather than tell them what to do. As their parent, try to adopt the same approach to their own learning as they will respond well to this, rather than being instructed on their next move. Because they lean less towards a dictatorial outlook, they will be inspirational to those around them, so be sure to let them know the influence they have and the difference they make to those who are willing to listen to their advice. 

Calm: Your child will be a calming influence on those around them, which is why they will be so effective in the type of career mentioned above. While this personality trait may be easier to handle from a parenting perspective, it can also lead to a lack of urgency. Try to teach them when it’s ok to be serene and when they need to pick up the pace a little. While it’s ok to live a peaceful life, it doesn’t always work out that way so let them know when they need to apply some pressure. 

Destructive thoughts: Number elevens have low self esteem, which can lead to negative thinking patterns. While you can rest assured that they will gain their confidence later in life (around 40), in their early years, it’s vital that you boost them up as much as you can to combat this cycle. They usually work it out in their own mind in the end, but a little encouragement from you will go a long way too. 

Easily influenced: Their thoughts and opinions will be easily swayed by others which can make them adaptable but also means they don’t always know their own mind. Try to instil in them from an early age to listen to their gut. It’s vital they understand that they might want to do things that sometimes go against the grain but that’s ok if it fits in with their own moral code. Being a sheep doesn’t always lead to the best pasture. 

Excessive: Number elevens are prone to take things to the extreme when it comes to caffeine and sugar so be careful to monitor their intake of these things from a young age to prevent bad cravings settling in early. Try to create healthy habits around food yourself so that they will follow in your footsteps and have a more measured approach to what they put into their body as they grow in years. If you have struggled with a bad relationship with food yourself, you know all too well how hard it is to break out of these detrimental patterns- don’t let your baby go through the same. 

Unfocused: Your child might be susceptible to a lack of focus. When they have a goal they are tunnel visioned and they won’t stop until they are done, however if they don’t have a specific task they are working on, they can procrastinate. As their parent, ensure they always have an activity to do or this is when they will start to misbehave. They have great minds that need to be challenged and when there is a lack of mental stimulation, this is how those aforementioned negative thought streams can start to creep in. 

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