Babies born on the second of the month have certain personality traits that set them apart from children born on any other day in the calendar. If your child is still young, you might be wondering just what they will grow up to be and how this will impact their personal and professional life. If your baby was born on the second, here’s what you can expect from them as they mature into young adults. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Vision: Babies born on the second have vision for themselves and for others too. They will enjoy thinking about and planning for the future rather than living in the moment and going with the flow. While this will stand them in good stead for their later years, try to teach them that not everything can be mapped out and planned for. Sometimes in life, we have to let things happen organically rather than pushing for them as this is what makes it more interesting and fun. 

Mental as opposed to physical strength: If your baby doesn’t show an aptitude for sports, don’t worry, this is because the day they were born on means they lean more towards mental activities. If they spend more time indoors doing creative pursuits- this is all down to the number two. While they will exercise their brain regularly, try to teach them the importance of exercise purely from a health perspective rather than as a hobby. Their body could take a toll if you don’t. 

Working with others: Your child will want you to be involved in whatever they are doing from a young age- they will prefer to play with someone rather than on their own. While it’s important they know how to engage with others in work and play, it’s vital that they have the skills to entertain themselves too as people won’t always be around. Try to instil this skill in them too. 

Tolerant: Your baby will turn into an adult who is tolerant of others even when those around them are pushing boundaries and acting unfairly. They will develop a keen sense of people’s feelings in different situations, so they won’t be quick to judge, but rather try to see things from all perspectives. This may be a very admirable quality however it can also lead to being pushed over so try to teach them where these boundaries lie. 

Resolving arguments: Your child will grow to be someone who is able to diffuse difficult situations easily, which is a positive attribute to wish for anyone. With that said if they find themselves dealing with this type of behaviour on a regular basis they may be spending time with the wrong crowd. Be sure that they’re aware of their limits when it comes to friendship circles. 

Late settlers: Babies born on the second of the month tend to settle down later in life. They will spend as many years as they can being young, free and single before they commit to one person, a home and maybe even family. Try not to pressure them into doing this before they are ready, even if you are someone who found some benefit in doing this early on. They will reach this point eventually, but won’t take kindly to being forced into something they aren’t ready for, especially when it’s to suit others. 

Order: Neatness, organisation and order will all be very important to your child so anyone they meet who leads a chaotic life will make them very uncomfortable. This means they will be drawn to others who have the same view on the world. It is a sensible attitude to have, however it can border on being obsessive. If you feel your child is becoming inflexible towards others because of their ways, it may be wise to intervene so this doesn’t get worse as they get older. It has the potential to drive others away so try to encourage a bit of leniency in them. 

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Babies born on this day will shine in something from being very young and it’s up to you as their parent to identify where their strengths are and to encourage them as best you can. They will require guidance in their given passion because they can be quite unfocused if left to their own devices….

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