Today is the 10th April- many babies will be born on this day, so if you have given birth today or your child was born on the tenth of another month, here are some things you can expect from them as they grow to be an adult. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Babies born on the 10th are…

Cheerful: Children born on the tenth tend to see the good before the bad in life- they would much rather give someone the benefit of the doubt rather than judging them too quickly because they believe that everyone is inherently good. While this is a lovely way to look at the world and everyone in it, they may become unstuck as they grow because not everyone has pure intentions. Teach your child that not all people are as they seem at first meeting and to be wary of those who show signs of negativity or disingenuity. 

Analytical: Your baby will grow to be someone with an inquisitive mind so expect a lot of questions and investigation into things before they reach an opinion or share their thoughts. While this systematic approach makes sense to them, it might not to all those they meet. Make sure they know that faster decision making is important in certain situations. Not all instances benefit from detailed inquiry. 

Attention seeking: Your child will feel most comfortable when they are the centre of attention and when people are showing them affection. With that said, you won’t always be able to give them the focus they yearn for. It’s important they understand that there are other people to consider, especially if you have a large family. Number tens will probably grow up to work with animals as they can offer the unconditional love they crave. 

Challenged: Number ten babies enjoy a challenge-and will take on anything even if they think they aren’t ready. While this might get them far, it could also be their downfall if they take on too big a challenge. As their parent it’s important to instil in them a sense of balance between what they can stretch to and what is simply beyond their capabilities. 

Easily bored: Following on from the last point- if your child is not challenged they will get bored and this is when they can stray. The easiest way to keep them from getting into trouble is to always have something for them to do. Keep them active and entertained and they will be happy. Plan ahead and think outside the box as they will probably be beyond their years in the activities that keep them occupied. 

Grudgeless: Babies born on this day don’t ever hold a grudge and don’t see the point in doing so. They will find it hard to understand if someone holds a grudge against them or when people speak of the resentment they feel towards others. Whilst you probably don’t want them to become bitter towards people who wrong them, they should be able to recognise when someone is taking advantage of their good nature.  

Financially unstable: Your child will go back and forth between having money to their name and struggling with debt. They will find it difficult to establish habits or be consistent with the money they do have. Try to teach them from the moment you start giving them pocket money how to deal with it sensibly. If you have a good grasp of your finances this should be easy, however if you don’t it might be wise to call upon someone in your family or friendship circle who might have a few words of wisdom for them. 

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