Stop stressing, you're children are happy to help out this Christmas

Stop stressing, you're children are happy to help out this Christmas

A new report has revealed that your children are more likely to be happier filling up the trolley at Christmas than receiving the latest iPhone.

The report, carried out by charity, Family Action, stated that spending time with the family is top of the Christmas list and was ranked as the most important aspect of Christmas from the children they asked.

The charity spoke to children and parents from around the country and found that although parents are still worried about fulfilling their children’s expectations this Christmas, activities like putting up Christmas decorations or helping with the Christmas dinner is a higher priority for the kids.

Chloe, 8, from East Midlands said: “I’d have a cure for my dad, a cure for me mum’s back and a phone, but there isn’t a cure for my dad and, erm, well, my mum doesn’t have enough money for the others.”

When the children were asked, from a choice of ten, to rank the three most important parts about Christmas, quality time with family members was ranked as the overwhelming first choice, compared with receiving the present asked for, extra Christmas food or having time off school.

When asked the importance of receiving any present against the present they had asked for, the majority felt that receiving any present was more important.

The children were also asked whether they would prefer the latest gadgets for Christmas or the chance to add to the family pot, the majority went with putting their money into the weekly shop, a tank of fuel or a month’s free rent.  

Family Action Chief Executive Helen Dent said: “Children rate quality time with their families over any of the latest gadgets this Christmas.

“Parents spending their time with children, providing a family Christmas dinner  and giving them opportunities to socialise with extended family are likely to  go  a long way to providing a positive festive experience that children will remember and cherish when the must have toys and gadgets have gone to the  back of the cupboard.”

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James Mellan