Parenting Advice: Make Travelling with Children Easier

Parenting Advice: Make Travelling with Children Easier

Although summer holidays are designed to be stress-free, if you’re with children, that often isn’t the case.

We’ve got a few tips that will make travelling with children a little easier and stress-free!


Children’s minds constantly need to be stimulated so making sure that you have plenty for them to do whilst travelling is essential.

Whether you’re going on a plane or travelling long distances by car, make sure you have plenty of games and activities to keep them occupied.


Getting your children from A to B when travelling can be a nightmare, so you want to make sure you have the perfect equipment for the job.

Having a pushchair that can be easily and quickly folded away is essential when making the airport dash as well as for when skipping between different modes of transport.

Uppababy Vista Pushchair, Jake Black

John Lewis

A baby carrier is great for small children as you can keep them close and safe and don’t have to mess with putting the pram up and down!

BabyBjörn Original Classic Carrier, City Black

John Lewis 


It’s one thing letting your child out of sight at home but when you’re in an airport or a foreign country it’s a completely different matter.

Obviously it’s important to keep an eye on them at all times, but when faffing with passports and counting out your foreign money, it can be impossible.

One way to tackle this is to invest in a child harness so that they can still walk around but not stray too far putting their safety at risk.


Another incredibly important aspect of travelling with children is to make sure you have the right insurance.

The last thing you need is to be forking out for bills if something should go wrong, so to make life easier for yourself as well as keeping your family safe, always shop around for the right insurance.

Read through the small print and if there is something you’re unsure of, give the company a ring a allow them to iron out any creases.

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