Parenting Advice: Top Money Saving Tips for the School Holidays

Parenting Advice: Top Money Saving Tips for the School Holidays

Keeping the kids entertained over the school holidays can often be a daunting thought but it could be easier than you think.

We’ve got some great tips from Money for Life, the Lloyds Banking Group financial education programme, to keep you from blowing the bank balance whilst still having plenty of fun with the kids.

1. Stay local: discover events that are happening in your local community to entertain the children to help cut down on travel costs.

2. Put loose change in a bottle each week to collect for the school holidays, you’ll be surprised at how much you can save!

3. Visit free museums and art galleries in your city with the children and take packed lunches – this way you can have fun and keep the costs to a minimum whilst learning something new.

4. Collect tokens from cereal packs and other household goods for days out at theme parks. Also, it’s worth checking online for any voucher codes which will reduce admission costs to attractions.

5. If you’re going further afield for a day out, check for group savings on rail travel. If you’re going out with other families it might be cheaper to travel together and buy a group ticket rather than individual fares.

6. Take the children to the movies on a full stomach – that stops them wanting expensive snacks at the counter, and, if you do really need to provide snacks and drinks, then buy them at the supermarket and take them along with you.

7. Set up parties at home for your children and their friends with cost-effective creative activities such as tie-dying, creating a scrap book, cooking etc.

8. Get some fresh air - take the children for a bike ride or long walk, with a packed lunch. Set up a treasure hunt or a nature trail to get them to appreciate the great outdoors, (and all for free!).

9. Encourage children to grow their own vegetables in the garden – not only is this cheap, but it also teaches them the value of the environment and can inspire a hobby!

10. If you’re going away make sure you shop around for family travel insurance to cover any expensive and unexpected costs during a family holiday.

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