Parenting News: Over Two Thirds of Parents Struggle with Technology

Parenting News: Over Two Thirds of Parents Struggle with Technology

Being a parent means always keeping on your toes, but when it comes to technology, parents have admitted that they struggle to keep up.

Seven in ten parents have said that technology isn’t their forte and that they often get left behind un the advancing market.

Just over half of parents admitted that they would ask their child for help with anything technological.

This ranged from tuning the TV to setting up the computer and printer and downloading music.

Grandparents also said that their grandchild would often be their main go-to when technology was concerned. also found that a third of children will use Skype, Facebook and email to keep in touch with their grandparents.

Co-Founder of, Holly Seddon, said that the research had revealed some new insight in to parent’s concerns about technology and how it affects their children.

She said, “Two-thirds of parents we surveyed admitted that they found it very difficult to keep up with what their children were doing online, and yet only 56 per cent are currently closely monitoring their children’s activity.

“With a majority of children using technology for at least three hours every day, that’s quite a significant gap in parent’s knowledge and understanding of what their teenage children are getting up to and how they are using technology to connect and interact with the world.”

“We understand that parents want to support their children’s interests and be involved in their education, and whilst many are aware about new technology and digital opportunities, we want to ensure that parents have complete knowledge and understanding to enable them to be more closely involved in this part of their children’s lives.

“Our community, which includes e-safety experts, educators, computer game developers and tech-savvy parents provides exclusive access and insight in to the digital world and offers parents the support they need to keep pace with their children and ensure they are using technology safely, and to the maximum advantage for their education and development.”

How do you fair with technology? Do you rely on your children, and do you know what they’re doing online? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting us @FemaleFirst_UK

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