A baby won’t remember what they got in their first Christmas stocking so their first year is an opportunity to buy some items that are useful rather than buying things just for the sake of it. Here are our top suggestions. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Travel sized hair and body wash: If you know the baby you are buying for goes on their travels a lot- a small bottle of their usual wash will come in handy to pop in their toiletry bag. Similarly, if their usual brand comes in a long thin bottle you may be able to get away with buying a regular sized one instead. 

Nappy Cream: Tubes of nappy cream are the perfect size for stockings as they are long and thin, so will slide right inside with the other things you buy. Plus, all mums need nappy cream at home and on the go as well as back up tubes so this is the ideal gift to make sure mummy and baby will never run out. 

Teething gel: Again this is an item that seems fit for a stocking because of its shape. Even if the baby you are buying for is not yet teething, they will be soon enough and it’s always handy to have an extra tube lying around when pain strikes. 

Food pouches: If the baby you are gifting this stocking to is about to start weaning- food pouches could form the basis of a starter kit for the parents. The squidgy packaging means you can pop a few in the stocking and they will mould around other gifts. 

Weaning snacks: Again, the baby might be about to start weaning, in which case, they will need some snacks to try their new skills out on. Be sure to buy ones that are age appropriate or they may get thrown in the cupboard and go out of date before the baby gets a chance to eat them. 

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Vapour rub: Another useful tub to have around, especially during the winter months as this is when babies are most likely to catch a little cold. A rub of this on their chest will help them to breathe more easily and have a better night’s sleep. 

Baby nail clippers: A baby’s nails tend to be on the softer side when they are first born, so some small clippers will come in handy for little nail tears and to keep the nails short especially when out and about. 

Travel sized sun cream: While it may seem like the oddest time of year to buy sun cream, if you know this baby will be travelling in the New Year, or their parents are outdoorsy this is a practical gift to throw in a baby’s bag to apply as and when they need it. 

A dummy: Dummies get lost, damaged and a lot of them end up on the floor, meaning babies get through a lot in a day. It’s always good to have back stock of these in case they all become redundant in one sitting, making them an invaluable gift. 

Toothpaste and toothbrush: A baby who already has teeth coming through will need these items sooner or later so these are good to either pop in the cupboard as a spare or in a toiletry bag for travel. You can’t go wrong with this pair because teething babies tend to chew toothbrushes so they need replacing often. 

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