By Fitness First Personal Trainer, Alexander Chaple

A good sleep pattern!

A good sleep pattern!

New research out today has revealed that the term 'baby weight' applies just as much to men as women with fathers-to-be gaining almost a stone during their partner's pregnancy.

During the nine months of expectancy, dads gain an average of 11 pounds - more than the 7.3lb weight of an average newborn.

The report by Fitness First, has revealed the real effect of fathering a baby on the health and fitness of the nation's dads-to-be with as many as 75% of fathers admitting to piling on the pounds during the pregnancy stage and first year of fatherhood.

Dubbed 'Preg-man-cy Weight', over a third of fathers admitted to putting on weight during the mother of their child's pregnancy - something for high-profile dad Kanye West to look out for through his wife Kim Kardashian's second pregnancy.

The report also revealed that new fathers such as Benedict Cumberbatch and 'second-time rounder' Prince William are not in the clear as the male baby weight gain continues into the first year of fatherhood. Almost two thirds (63%) of dads said they put on an extra 7.5lb throughout the life-changing first year - nudging the average total baby weight gain for men to 18.5lbs.

1) Fatherhood can be physically and emotionally demanding so it's important that your health and wellbeing is at its best when the baby arrives. By ensuring you keep fit and healthy during your partner's pregnancy it means your body and mind will be ready for the big life changes ahead of you.

2) Being fit and healthy during your partner's pregnancy means you will have implemented a good sleep pattern - something which is vital during your partner's pregnancy. This will ensure you are ready for the night feeds and drop in sleep hours!

3) Eating healthily and exercising regularly throughout your partner's pregnancy will encourage her to do the same. The more active and fit your partner is during pregnancy, the easier it will be for her body to adapt to the changes.

4) By being fit and healthy your new family will all have a visible, healthy role model to follow. Teaching them the value of fitness from an early age.

5) It's important that couples spend quality time together while awaiting a new arrival - for first pregnancies, it's the last time it will be just the two of you! Training together is the perfect way to do this and a great reason for men get up and be active. Exercising can help women prepare their body for birth so getting into the habit of going to the gym regularly can really help the mother-to-be, while also ensuring you both keep fit and in touch with another.

6) After birth, particularly Caesarean Section births, women are less mobile so more responsibility is given to men. Therefore being in the best shape to run around after your partner and your new baby will help.

7) Being healthy and eating well means you won't have too many sweet treats in the house so another reason to eat well is to help your partner avoid temptation!

8) The healthier you are, the better you will be in all of your endeavours. If you are energised, fit and strong you will be better prepared for everything life throws at you over months after your child's birth!

9) Before the baby arrives you'll need to plan ahead and pre-prepare meals for those days when there is much less time to cook. Use this as an opportunity to cook up some energising, healthy meals - don't get in the habit of reaching for the takeaway menu before the baby is here!

10) And finally, as our research shows once your baby arrives there will be little time to do hours and hours of exercise. So, make sure you stay as fit as you can before the birth - while you have the time to do so. This will ensure your body is in a good place before you have to reduce a little of your exercise time.

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