When something claims to be wondrous, the phrase ‘too good to be true’ comes to mind, which is why I wanted to test out the Bonds Baby Wondersuit for myself to find out what all the hype is about. 

Bonds Baby Wondersuit

Bonds Baby Wondersuit

Having bought a few sleepsuits since my baby daughter came along over a year ago, I have a good idea of what constitutes as good and bad when it comes to the durability and practicality of these essential wardrobe pieces. 

When a sleepsuit arrives on a hanger and covered in plastic wrapping, you know you are getting something more than just a supermarket multi-pack item. 

The Wondersuit has many features that only mums and dads will appreciate after inevitably tackling the cheaper varieties of sleepsuits. 

For instance, there is a zip fastening as opposed to poppers, which makes changing so much faster as all new parents will know- poppers are impossible with a wriggly baby. 

The zip also has a cover at the top as it meets the neckline ensuring your baby doesn’t scratch their chin on the fastening- another bugbear with cheaper brands. 

Furthermore, the bottom of the zipper doesn’t detach from the material- another win as zips are hard to connect back together when your baby is in an ‘I don’t want to lie still’ kind of mood. 

The feature I found the most ingenious however is the built in socks. Unlike other sleepsuits where you have no option but to cover your baby’s feet, these can be folded over their feet at bedtime to keep them warm or folded back for if they are at the walking stage.  So if you are having a lazy morning, they can walk around in their PJs and not fall due to a lack of grip with the floor. The peace of mind every parent needs once your baby starts to toddle. This feature also allows for growing room too, saving you having to buy a new set every time your baby elongates. 

The suits are all fun and different too- the brand steers clear of the typical designs that others use with eye-catching, colourful images, so they really do stand out from the rest in more ways than one.

The brand also accounts for newborn babies right through to 36 months, or three years old so you don’t have to give them up once they are upright!  

Wondersuit is a very apt name for this garment, I can’t fault it. It’s clearly been designed with parents and babies in mind as it has solutions to all of the common complaints you have when dressing your little one. 

It truly is a wonder and I have fallen in love with it so much I am off to buy some more!

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