If you and your partner work, or you’re a single working mum or dad, you will know how rushed evenings can be. A blur of dinner, bathtime, storytime and bed are all precious moments but ones that are done in record time. If this sounds familiar, here are a few quick and hearty meals to make for your toddler if you don’t have the time or the energy to cook. 

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

Beans on toast: A classic that’s a classic for a reason- a quick snap of the toaster and a ping of the microwave and their meal is ready in a matter of minutes. You can find low salt and sugar options in the supermarket so you know you aren’t bombarding your little one’s system with more than they need at their age. 

Jacket potato: Poke and prod a spud a few times, throw it in the microwave for a few minutes, fluff it up and mix it with a filling of your choice and you have a delicious and healthy meal for your toddler. Cheese, tuna and sweetcorn and the old faithful beans make great toppings for this firm favourite. 

Tomato pasta: You can make your own sauce easily or get a low sugar and salt option from the supermarket and throw it on some pasta which takes all of 10 minutes to cook. Then you have yourself a soft and sweet meal for your little one to enjoy, without the wait. Just sprinkle with some cheese to finish.  

Scrambled/boiled eggs and soldiers: Eggs are one of the easiest foods to prepare even if you are not that gifted in the kitchen. Beat up with some whole milk and pop in the microwave or a pan until they are scrambled and then throw on some cheese to melt into the eggy goodness and serve with toasty soldiers. Or pop a couple of eggs in a pan to boil and let your little one have some fun dipping their soldiers till their heart’s content!

Fish fingers, mash and peas: Fish fingers take all of 10-15 minutes in the oven and coupled with a tin of peas warmed in the microwave or the pan you have a little toddler friendly fish supper in the making. To make your mash even quicker, you can prepare a jacket potato in the microwave, scoop out the filling and mix it with some butter to save you having to mess about with pans.You could even give the peas a little mush to really get the fish shop feels!  And of course- if you serve tomato ketchup for fish finger dipping- make sure it's low salt and sugar free...

Real Good Ketchup has launched a new larger family-size recyclable Big Squeezy, the perfect store-cupboard staple for ketchup fans. This 100% natural, sustainable and no added sugar ketchup makes a yummy dip and is also low in salt. 

The perfect swap for big brand, high sugar sauces with a whopping 75% less sugar and 78% less salt than the market leader, Real Good Ketchup’s Big Squeezy is the healthiest option for everyone, with 45 (15g) servings in every bottle. Made using delicious Mediterranean tomatoes for a rich tomatoey flavour, the Big Squeezy is also vegan, allergen-free and free from artificial flavours and preservatives. 

In an easy-to-serve, 100% recyclable BPA-free 685g bottle from Ocado (RRP £2.99), the Big Squeezy will appeal to all and is a sustainable, zero waste brand that is always made in the UK. 

Ploughman’s Lunch: Cut up some cheese into cubes, butter some bread and cut off the crusts, boil a couple of eggs and slice when cooled, cut some apples and baby tomatoes into manageable chunks and there you have it- a toddler friendly ploughman’s lunch.

Spaghetti hoops or shapes on toast: Again a ping and a snap and this is another meal you can deliver quickly with a sprinkle of cheese. And you can even buy them in the shapes of your little ones favourite characters too!

The hotly anticipated DVD release of Frozen 2 is coming on the 23rd of March, and Heinz have the perfect accompaniment for little ones to enjoy whilst watching the film. Brand New Heinz ‘no added sugar’ Disney Frozen Shapes.

Heinz has extended its ever growing no added sugar range, joining the likes of Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig. Now available on Ocado, Tesco and Sainsbury’s, the whole family can enjoy the long-loved, juicy, tomatoey taste of Heinz with their favourite Frozen characters.

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