Whether someone close to you has just given birth or you know someone who’s a new mum- here are some things she might like this Christmastime…

Christmas on Female First

Christmas on Female First

A massage: If it’s been a few months since the birth of her child, chances are she will be putting a lot of strain on her back from picking up, rocking and putting her baby down. A massage might be a nice way to help her to release the tension that has built up in her muscles during pregnancy and since her baby arrived.

A night away in a hotel: If the new mum in your life is struggling to get much sleep- a night in a hotel that’s paid for by you could be a good way to help her catch up on some shut eye. That is if you can also arrange childcare for her!

A babysitting voucher: If you are comfortable looking after little ones- the offer to take care her baby while she goes out with her friends, family or with her partner will give her a well-earned break.

A voucher for a beauty treatment: Chances are, she will have neglected looking after her own needs and giving herself little treats like a manicure or haircut, so a little ‘me-time’ will be most welcome. By giving her a voucher- she can go when she feels most comfortable and knows her baby will be in the best possible hands.

A film or TV subscription: It’s highly likely that the new mum you are buying for is sick of the reality TV programmes that are aired in the middle of the night. This will allow her to watch something that will cheer her up while she is doing the early morning feeds or when her baby is napping during the day.

A new mum hamper: You can put this together yourself or buy one pre-made- either way- make sure it’s filled with everything you know she will need and love. Her favourite coffee, chocolate and products will be a great place to start for if she doesn’t have time to leave the house and wants to enjoy a treat all the same!

A magazine subscription: Reading books is a tall order when you are sleep deprived but dipping into a small, manageable magazine article every now and again is more realistic in between naps and feeds. Find out what her favourite magazine is and get her six months or a year’s worth of them. Ideal for when she doesn’t want to get out of her PJs and walk down to the shop- it will be delivered right to her door!

Merry Christmas to all the new mums out there- you're doing an amazing job! 

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