I have recently gone back to work after nine months of maternity leave and one of my working days is on a weekend. This means my husband gets to spend some time with our daughter without me, which has many advantages.

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

If your partner has the opportunity to have a few hours or even a day with your baby- it’s well worth giving them the nudge to enjoy some quality time together- here’s why…

It’s important that babies are equally close to both parents- If your baby spends a lot of time with you by yourself, because you are a part or full time mum, this will even things out and give them some alone time with your partner too. 

It shows your baby that you aren’t always together- If you and your partner have to work away regularly, this gets your baby used to the idea that mum and dad aren’t always around at the same time. This can help with separation anxiety if they are accustomed to you both being there.

It gives you a break- If your partner and baby spend some time together at the same point every week- it gives you a break from being mum for a while. It’s designated 'me time' that you can plan in and look forward to.

It makes up for your maternity leave- It’s likely you had more time to spend with your baby than your partner if you took your full maternity allowance after they were born. By allotting a daddy-baby day- this makes up for the time that your partner didn’t get while they were working.

You can get stuff done- If you don’t have to work while they are together, you can clean, do some admin, iron, throw some washing in- any number of jobs that need doing to keep the household going. All of which are difficult to do with a little one around.

It can make them both more comfortable with one another- If, for whatever reason, your partner isn’t all that comfortable having full responsibility of your child because they haven’t spent a lot of time alone with them- this will help them both get used to the idea. Your baby will be able to sense the change in them, which will put them at ease too.

It gets them both out of the house- The house can become a safety net as a new parent so by encouraging your partner to take your baby out for the day, this removes that comfort zone and creates new memories and new experiences for both of them.

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