By: Marine Tanguy, CEO of MTArt Agency – the world’s first agency for visual artists

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

With a little boy kicking about in my tummy, planning his future is the priority for me and my partner.

Over the last 18 years, art has proven to be a great long-term investment and has outperformed most of the equity indices. This makes art an exciting and attractive long-term investment. MTArt Agency, connects visual artists with investors, collectors, museums, cities and brands to diversify their revenue streams and get their work accessible to the public - not just tucked away on gallery walls. On average, the artists I work with have grown 150% in value year on year after our investment, and we have seen success up to a 436% increase in just one year from securing a number of commercial opportunities. Art enables investors to diversify their portfolio because the market is uncorrelated to the equity market and the best part is that with the proper guidance, any parent can build a portfolio with probable positive return for their little one’s future.  

With sales in the global art market reaching €67.4bn (£57.6bn) in 2018 - the second highest in a decade – I believe it is a wise investment for anybody to make for their child. As a godmother to my 6-year-old god daughter, in lieu of traditional toys and presents for her birthday I gift her a piece of art. I will also follow this same investment model for my new little boy. The idea behind this is by the time they reach their 18th birthday, they will have the beginnings of a portfolio of art which will provide a strong investment foundation to make further decisions on throughout their adult lives. Originally valued between £100-£1k, my god daughter’s collection has already seen return with its current valuation of £55k. Although there are proven financial reasons to invest in artists to secure your child’s financial future, there are also several compelling arguments for investment of this type:

First moments - From the moment a baby is born, their first grasp of the world around them is through their eyes. Human vision is the most complex sensory system and the surrounding physical stimuli impact the development of images constructed in the brain. Surrounding new-borns with art works that play with light, texture, colours, and different materials can have a positive impact on the development of their visual senses. I am lucky to spend my life surrounded by artists who have specially commissioned works for the baby’s bedroom. My personal favourite is a mobile of butterflies, created by Jasmine Pradissitto, made from recycled materials which look like “holograms you can touch” from different perspectives as light hits them.

Education - Education is the breeding ground for creative thinkers and nursery is vital for many aspects of an infant’s development. Not only is there value in an education of the art pieces in the collection you build for your child and the artists behind them, there is also an educational element in explaining the process of investing to your child. This conversation can grow and develop as they do, alongside a tangible example to share with them on investing.

Relationships – Friendships are paramount for personal growth, and our quality of life is shaped by the people who inspire us daily. Surrounding children with art and creative projects which will help shape their individual thoughts, opinions and wisdom is a key relationship skill art supports. It is important for children to be inspired in every way possible at a young, impressionable age.

Appreciation –Simply giving money into a pot at a bank is easy. Investment in art offers the opportunity to understand and have an appreciation for the value of physical objects. Building an investment in a unique art portfolio exemplifies the diversity of investments available and also provides a chance to take responsibility and management over ownership.

Future Thinking – Our rapidly developing world forces us to be nimble to change and understand that what is in place today, might be obsolete tomorrow. Every day I am challenged with quickly analysing the potential of someone and the empire they aim to build. The importance of  approaching opportunities in the context of its ability to thrive in the long-term, rather than short-term is vital. It is too easy to raise a child in a culture of waste and short-term thinking. Investment in the arts builds a future generation of forward-thinkers who appreciate the long-term value in objects. It is important to look for something meaningful that can be a long-term asset, rather than purely decorative.

Cultural Exposure – Art exposes the viewer to cultural diversity both in the subject matter, as well as, the story of the artist behind the piece. Art investment requires research as it is important to have a thoughtful understanding of the art work and the person who created it to determine if it will be a worthwhile investment. After reaching the decision to invest, there are several cultural stories and backgrounds you are sure to be exposed to along the way.

Travel – Art transcends boarders and the increasing globalised world creates a place where artists are not isolated geographically. They say diversity is the spice of life and there is a great benefit to building an investment portfolio with art from around the world. Travel should not be over looked as a great way to increase an understanding of art and inform investment decisions in international artistic talent.

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