Every parent wants to give their baby the best- the best clothes, the best toys, the best home- and be the best parents they can be. Food can be an integral part of giving your baby the best, which starts with healthy, clean ingredients. Here are all the reasons for making your baby’s food from scratch.

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

You know what is in your baby’s food: When you make your own baby food, you are in charge of what goes into every one of their meals. There are no added preservatives to give it a longer shelf life and no hidden nasties either. Plus, you can add more variety to your baby’s diet as most brands only do a limited number of flavours in their jars and packets.

It’s cheaper: Convenience baby food costs a small fortune. By the time you have taken into consideration savoury and sweet options and snacks- you can easily pile the pounds onto your weekly food bill. If you buy good quality foods that you would normally, you don’t need a lot more to fill your baby’s belly- saving you money in the long run.

Convenience should be few and far between: Look at the food you eat as an adult- does all of it comes from a packet or box? Probably not. Foods that come from a plastic or cardboard container are meant to be consumed on occasion- not every day. Baby food is no different.

It’s quicker and easier than you think: If you invest in a good piece of kit like the Nutribullet Baby to help you prepare meals for your baby- it only takes seconds to whip up something for them to enjoy. Probably around the same amount of time it takes you to get a packet out of the cupboard and put it in a bowl.

It gets your baby used to fresh produce: If all your baby sees are foods coming from a packet, they will grow up thinking it’s fine to consume this way all the time. If your baby sees you and your partner preparing food from raw ingredients and buying fresh produce, they will accept this as the norm and form good habits as they grow older.

You can eat as a family: If you prepare food for you and your partner that is safe for your baby too- you can all eat the same thing at mealtimes rather than your baby having something different. If you are intent on eating together at the table every night, this will help your baby to become accustomed to the routine early on.

You can make batches of food: If you invest in a good product- like the Nutribullet Baby you will be able to make things in larger quantities to divide up and make a meal for each day of the week. If you know you have a busy week ahead, this will save you having to make something every day.

The Nutribullet Baby gives you everything you need to make the most nutrient dense, rich freshest food for your little ones- in just seconds.

Use it to make organic, nourishing and preservative free smooth pureed baby food or a chunkier texture- it’s great for babies in all stages of development.

Simply add your ingredients to the short cup or batch bowl, place on the power base and create instant, organic, fresh baby food.

The batch bowl and storage tray hold larger batches of food and the freezer trays freeze any excess food to be kept for later. The 6-date dial storage keeps track of when you made your last batch too!

The Nutribullet Baby is available now for £49.99 from www.highstreettv.com

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