Country fairs are popping up all over the place as it’s that time of year again. After visiting a couple, we’ve discovered they are a great day out for you and your baby- here’s why…

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

New sights, smells and sounds: Chances are your baby won’t have experienced a lot of the things that happen at country fairs before so everything will be new territory. New people, new animals and sounds you don’t hear if you live in a town or city. This will keep them entertained as you make your way around.

The fur and feather tent: Most country shows have a tent with animals in it. Whether it houses rabbits, sheep, chickens or like the one we went to at the weekend- hamsters- animals usually feature somewhere in the celebrations! I’ve never met a baby who isn’t curious about animals and this is the perfect way to capture their attention.

It gets them out of their pram: Prams are one of the worst things to take with you to a country show, as they struggle to deal with the rural terrain. This means you can break out your baby back carrier instead. This raises your baby to new heights so they can see everything that is going on and gives you a break from pushing them around.

The ice cream: Weaning babies love ice cream- it helps to soothe their sore gums if they are teething and is an excellent treat that is always available at such fairs. You know your baby won’t struggle for dessert when you go.

The picnics: The food tents and stands at country fairs are generally quite expensive so this is the ideal occasion to bring a picnic with you. Your little one might not have enjoyed a picnic with you before, so you can introduce them to this and get them used to the idea for future days out.

Dogs!: Babies love looking at, touching and pointing at dogs and country shows attract lot of them! If your son/daughter isn’t mesmerised by anything else that’s going on, you can guarantee that they will love seeing all the furry friends walking around the grass.

It’s a day out for the whole family: If your folks haven’t seen your little one for a while, this is a good setting for a reunion as it has something to please everyone in the family. They are held all over the country too so if you don’t live near your family, you can choose a location that is central for all.

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