If you are struggling to think of places to take your baby on a family day out- here are just a few reasons why a historic garden could be your cup of tea.

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

Historic gardens are generally on the flat: I am not speaking for all of them here- check online first- but the majority are on one level and ideal for walking around with your baby’s pram meaning you don’t have to battle hills and rocky terrain.

There is plenty for your baby to see: Historic gardens are adorned with flowers, trees, plants, statues, lakes, streams, vegetable patches and fountains, to name a few which will keep your little one entertained while you walk.

They are appropriate in all seasons: Even as we approach the autumn months- this is still the ideal time to wrap your baby up warm and take them to see all the beautiful colours that this time of year brings.

It’s an excuse to get outdoors: So many baby friendly activities involve being inside, but this will get that all important fresh air into your baby’s lungs and help you all to enjoy the natural beauty in your local area.

It’s a day out for the whole family: If you want to invite your folks along- all generations can appreciate historic gardens and they are bound to fight over who will push the pram!

The cafés: Again, do your research- but historic gardens often have a café nearby or within the grounds- which is the ideal pitstop after your meanderings to change and feed your baby. There might be a scone and a cup of coffee in it for you too!

You can make a day of it: Most gardens surround beautiful homes, castles and halls, all of which are waiting to be explored too. After taking in the gardens you can always give your baby their first taste of history by walking around the historic buildings. Some even host events depending on the time of year, like craft fairs and exhibitions that can add some more activity onto your day.

Check out the English Heritage website for historic gardens near you

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