Although it may seem overwhelming to stay in a hotel with your baby- here are some reasons why it is good for their development.

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

It gets them used to travelling: If you haven’t ventured far with your little once since they were born- this is the ideal way to get them accustomed to travelling away from home as this will be inevitable as they get older.

It’s practice for longer holidays: If you are planning to take your baby on holiday for a week or two- a few nights away at hotels in preparation will make them more adaptable to new sights, smells and sounds. Hopefully, this practice will mean they settle into their holiday quicker than if you had just stayed at home.

You can still maintain their routine in a different place: It takes a bit of forethought in terms of packing and calling up the hotel beforehand, but you can still do meals, bottles, baths and bedtime at the same time you would normally to keep to their usual routine. This will give them a sense of comfort if they are a little overwhelmed by the new surroundings.

They can eat with new people: If you decide to book an evening meal and go down to the restaurant for breakfast- your baby will inevitably come into contact with new adults and children. New faces are always a fascination for babies, so it will keep them entertained while you’re eating and distract them from the fact that they are eating at home.

It shows them from a young age how to behave in restaurants and hotels: The sooner you can get them used to the etiquette of eating at a restaurant dinner table- the better. This is the perfect opportunity to practice general hotel etiquette too. They may not be old enough to understand the reasons why just yet, but the more you do it- the more it will become the norm.

There is always room service if they are struggling: If the new people and location are all too much for your baby- you can order room service so you can still enjoy an evening meal at the hotel from the comfort of your own room and keep your baby contented at the same time.

It’s good for you too: Perhaps you’ve resigned yourself to not being able to stay in a hotel again without a babysitter. This will prove to you that you can still go away at weekends and overnight even with your little one in tow. Parents need a change of scenery just as much as a baby does.

Bonus point: If the hotel has a pool, you can enjoy some family swimming time too! 

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