Some mothers post everything from their baby’s first scan to their baby’s first birthday and everything in between and beyond on social media. Here’s why some mums might not want to follow in their footsteps.

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

If anyone wants to see your baby: they can visit or ask for a photo to be sent privately. Most mothers have no problem with visitors calling around to see their baby or people asking for photos if they want to see how their little one has grown. Social media isn’t the only way for updates.

Not everyone wants to see pictures of babies: Some people are irritated by hundreds of pictures of people’s kids if they don’t want any of their own or aren’t interested at this point in their life. Like endless pictures of people’s holidays when you’re stuck at work, it can become wearing after a while.

You don’t know what other people are going through: Most people don’t know everyone on their social media intimately, one of your friends or followers might have experienced the recent loss of a child or been informed that they can’t have them. It would be insensitive to assume that everyone is comfortable with seeing baby pictures on your feed.

You don’t know where the pictures will end up: As soon as personal pictures are uploaded; they are subject to misuse so you might not want to take the risk your baby’s images getting into the wrong hands.

Some mothers use their social media accounts primarily for work not pleasure: It’s wise not to get these two things mixed up and to keep the two areas of your life separate.

Some mothers prefer to keep their private life private: Information to do with your baby is yours to distribute to whom you please. You may not want that information to be freely available to all of the people on your Facebook or Twitter page. People who care about you will make the effort to get in touch. 

Some mothers don’t use Facebook as a diary: Some mums use Facebook as a bit of an online diary and to keep a record of all their photos and movements to look back on. It’s possible to keep all of your images at home in chronological order too so you know exactly when they were taken without the aid of Timehop or scrolling through your feed. Some parents prefer to keep a baby book to remember the key milestones in their baby's first few months as an alternative to this.