When life is getting you down- look to a toddler for guidance. They are living their best life, free of inhibitions and full of new things to explore. Here’s why they are one of life’s best role models... 

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

They take great joy in movement: One of the simplest of things that a lot of people take for granted is the gift of movement. We often forget how fortunate we are to have a body that helps us to get from A to B, to seek out new places and see new things. Although standing upright and walking around is still new to toddlers, witnessing that spark in them as they move around independently is a reminder to us all that our bodies are exceptional. 

Toddlers don’t care what other people think: They live life the way they want to and have no concern when others don’t approve. We could all take a leaf from their book as too many of us are preoccupied with pleasing others- which is often a huge waste of time and energy. As a wise friend often says to me- ‘you do you’- what others think of you is irrelevant if it doesn’t feel like a good fit. 

Toddlers don’t explain their emotions: Too often when you’re having an ‘off’ day, you feel compelled to justify yourself and why you reacted in a certain way. Toddlers have no such remorse. They will happily have a tantrum in the middle of a supermarket- just because. Sometimes- there is no rhyme or reason to a bad mood- better to wait till it passes and forget all about it. It’s human nature after all and if it’s not directed at anyone specifically, they don’t have the right to get upset. They are simply a witness to your momentary displeasure. 

Toddlers enjoy their food: Forget how many carbs there is in something, if it’s calorie laden or whether it is one of your five a day- toddlers relish trying anything and everything because it’s there to be enjoyed not endured. Food is a source of energy to give them a boost for their next big adventure. We could all do to adopt this mentality- food is often seen as the enemy and it shouldn’t be- it’s a resource. 

Toddlers live for the moment: They don’t see beyond what is happening in the here and now- so they make the most of every minute that they are awake. Life is for living- not for wishing away until the weekend arrives or pining for your next holiday. Who knows what tomorrow will bring so savour today- it’s a gift.

Toddlers enjoy a good laugh: Toddlers will find humour in little things- an unexpected bodily function, a funny noise or a strange facial expression. As adults, we could all benefit from encouraging laughter in unexpected places. We are conditioned to find it in comedy shows, TV programmes and You Tube videos, but humour starts at home, so embrace the silliness and find it through each other- not from a screen. 

Toddlers can find entertainment in anything: A bath, story time, peek-a-boo, hide and seek, tickles- forget toys, games and devices- the most fulfilling way to spend time is by investing in simple pleasures and if you can get others involved- all the better!       

So go on, be more toddler! 

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