Autumn is upon us from today right through until December so there are a few weeks to fill if you have a little one in tow. Here are just a few ideas if you want to make memories with your toddler

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Take an autumnal walk: With the beautiful red, brown, orange and yellow hues, there is plenty of variety to comment on if your little one is learning their colour palate at present. Plus you can kick up leaves, jump in puddles and pick lots of interesting things on your way like leaves, conkers, sticks and acorns. 

Cosy up with a book by the fire: If your toddler is into reading and looking at picture books, you could bundle them up with you on the couch and read one together. There are plenty of autumn books to choose from on the likes of Amazon if you don’t have any specific to the time of year- but any book will do.

Bake/Cook: While toddlers need to be kept away from hot ovens, hobs and dishes, they can help to mix the pasty together for a sweet apple pie or eat some of the chopped up vegetables that you’ve set aside for a hearty soup!

Autumn picnic: There is nothing toddlers love more than snacky food which has picnic written all over it. So wrap up warm, pack a basket full of lovely picky bits to eat and seek out the perfect spot to stuff your faces.

Autumn photo shoot: If this autumn is special for you or you simply want to have a seasonal photo album, why not book your little one in for a shoot? Take some of the treasures you found on your autumn walk and use them as props in the foreground. The pictures will make great Christmas presents for grandparents and aunties and uncles. 

Crafting: The items collected on your walk could also come in handy for some crafting projects over the cooler days.  Cones can be painted in pretty colours, and leaves can be covered in paint and used as stamps to create an autumnal masterpiece. 

PJ day: Autumn is the best time to invest in some new loungewear, so why not order something snuggy for you and your little one to wear around the house when you next have a duvet day. You could watch their favourite shows, play with toys, draw using autumnal colours and take photos of you in your new nightwear to look back on. 

Happy autumn to all the mums and dads of toddlers!

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