Having recently stayed in a hotel with our one year old, here are a few things I learned about the preparation stage in order to make the whole experience go smoothly.

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

Check it’s baby friendly before booking: Don’t assume that all hotels are baby friendly- I recently tried booking in a hotel that was for adults aged 21 and over. So, check first before you go any further into the booking process or you could end up wasting your time.

Ask about a cot: If you don’t want to lug around your travel cot, ask if the hotel can provide one for you. Often, they can set this up as part of your room preparation if you give them plenty of notice.

Make a list of everything you need: Babies come with a lot of stuff- so be sure to list everything you require and a little extra, so you don’t forget something vital like bottles or nappies.

Plan in your travel: A lot of babies sleep in the car, so be mindful of this when you are factoring in how long it will take you to get there. If you can schedule your travel time in at their normal nap time this will ensure their routine isn’t disturbed.

Ask about high chairs: If a hotel is baby friendly- high chairs should be a given- however if you book a meal- ask for one to be put next to your table just before you sit down so you don’t have to wait to settle at your table.

Room service is always an option: If you don’t feel confident enough to eat a meal with your little one in the restaurant, you can order food to your room. If you prefer to breastfeed in private or if your baby isn’t accustomed to eating with lots of other people, be sure to ask if room service is available when booking in case you need it.

Pram access: If you want to take a pram to your room- ask what the access is like. A hotel might have a lift to the different floors however, there could be steps up to where your room is located. Ask for a more accessible room if you want to bring your pram or remember to leave it in the car if it isn’t all on one level throughout.

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