Returning to work is a huge wrench after nine or more months of being ‘mum’ but it’s a must for a lot of women. Here are my tips for getting through the initial days.

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

Have a good cry

You will probably be emotional as you part with your baby or as you’re getting them ready to take them to whoever is looking after them while you’re at work. Let the tears flow freely- you are entitled to feel a little strange at this point- you have spent a large chunk of your life as a twosome.

Accept there will be guilt (it’s inevitable)

Going back to work can be bittersweet if you like what you do or are on a specific career path. You might feel guilty for leaving your little one with a family member, childminder or at nursery so you can pursue your career again. Remember that you are working to either support your child or to be the best version of yourself- or both- which are valid reasons to be apart from your baby.

Share how you’re feeling with work colleagues

You are bound to work with other mothers and fathers who have already been through this experience so talk to those who can empathise with what you’re going through.

Confide in your partner

Ask how your partner felt after their paternity ended- how did they cope at the time? They might have some valuable advice for you to help you settle back into your new routine.


Make sure you plan your childcare well ahead so you know exactly where you, your partner and your baby will be at all times. This is especially important if either or both of you have to work away sometimes. The more organised you are the less you’ll have to worry once you’re in work.

Ask for updates

If you are lucky enough to have a family member look after your baby or your childminder is willing- ask them to text you or send you a picture of them in their new environment. This will put you at ease and reassure you that they are adaptable and can cope in new situations.

Cherish the time you have together

Now you are spending less time together- make sure when you are reunited you enjoy every moment. Put your phone down, turn off the TV, hide the I-pad and savour the time you have before you put your little one down for the night.

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