Trying for a baby can be a fun and exciting time, however it can quickly become frustrating and impact numerous elements in their lives if they start to have trouble conceiving naturally.

Dr Benjamin Abramov

Dr Benjamin Abramov

Dr Benjamin Abramov from GENNET City Fertility explores the other affects subfertility can have on these people.

Tension in the Relationship

Managing your relationship may be a challenging task as it is, and subfertility is likely to add another strain to your life as a couple. The treatments can be tough both physically and mentally this may lead to tension, and a range of sensitivities and misunderstandings.

Avoid social interaction with friends

If your circle of friends are busy having their children you will find that most of the conversations in your social events are based around the topics of pregnancies, babies and children. Naturally, the longer your fertility journey will take the more difficult you may find being around these friends.

Relationship with the extended family

Curiosity about why you do not have a child and even a degree of pressure from your family is common. Some couples even have difficulty attending large family gatherings, as they feel anxiety about answering inevitable questions about their infertility and home life.

Sex life

Stress, low body image and low self-esteem are not aphrodisiacs, to put it mildly. To make things worse infertility can take over a couple’s lives, especially in the bedroom. Routine replaces intimacy, losing the romance in the relationship.

Mental Health

There is general agreement among professionals that the risk of emotional and psychological unrest in those with subfertility is real. The stress to conceive can manifest causing anxiety in relationships and even serious mental health issues such as depression.


When it comes to infertility both men and women can feel guilty. Typically, women try to carry the emotional strain alone to protect their partner from pain. Whereas men can become overwhelmed with the guilt and don’t know how to handle the emotions.


While women tend to share their difficulties with others, men tend to keep the emotional burden of infertility to themselves. Men with subfertility tend keep their fertility treatments private from other people. These men are much more likely to develop symptoms of depression compared to those who are open about their difficulties.

Financial Strain

The cost of IVF can vary, but one cycle of treatment may cost up to £5,000. This can put a huge strain on a relationship, especially if the treatment is not successful the first-time. Medical professionals recommend some women take a break from work, to relieve stress adding to a larger strain on the house hold income.

Work Life Stresses

Fertility treatment is time consuming. It is a delicate situation balancing the wish to keep your fertility matters private and hoping to receive a degree of understanding and support from your work place.


What you eat and drink can have a big impact on fertility. When trying to conceive some people choose to give up alcohol, coffee all together and even stick to strict diets to improve their chances of conceiving.

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