Terri Seymour has given birth to a baby girl.

Terri Seymour

Terri Seymour

The 40-year-old presenter and her boyfriend Clark Mallon, 24, welcomed their first child into the world yesterday (09.03.15), 'Extra' reports. but details on the new arrival, including her name, have not yet been released.

While the baby's name hasn't been announced, Terri has previously admitted she and her model partner had a moniker in mind.

She said: "We want to meet her first and see if she looks like she matches the name."

Though the couple had no preference on their tot's gender, Terri later admitted she was thrilled to be expecting a daughter.

She said in January: "Deep down inside, I think I've always wanted a baby girl."

The brunette beauty announced her pregnancy in September and her former boyfriend Simon Cowell instantly declared he wanted to be the baby's godfather.

Terri - who is godmother to Simon and Lauren Silverman's 12-month-old son Eric - said: "His reaction was really sweet, extremely happy for me, then he turned around to me and said, 'Of course, I obviously have to be the godfather.' "