Your toddler probably got a lot of stuff over the Christmas period and you may not have space for all the new items as well as the old. So if you are looking to pare down some pieces to compensate for the recent haul, here are some target areas to get started with. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Duplicates: My daughter received three duplicate gifts this year and I will bet your child was gifted at least one thing they already had- so ask around your mummy friends to see if they can make use of these pieces or set them aside for donation once the charity shops reopen. 

Replacements: If your toddler got anything that can replace an older, tired version that is already in their wardrobe or toy collection, let the well worn one go and introduce the newer piece. Think instead of not as well as- there is no need to keep the item that has passed its best when there is an upgrade to be had. Things wear out, it’s inevitable- so out with the old and in with the new! This might include items such as clothing, bedding, toys or shoes. Remember- textiles can be recycled at your local centre or can be repurposed as rags for cleaning. 

Toys or games with missing pieces: Most toddlers will have a game or toy that has a missing element, so dispose of these while you can as toddlers have a knack for fixating on missing things once they realise they are gone! There’s no fun in playing a card game with a missing card or teaching your child about the time when one of the numbers has gone to the land of lost things. 

Items that are too small: Clothing is an obvious one here, but also toys that they have grown out of. Toddlers grow out of toys fast once they realise how something works and have explored all their options so it’s important to take anything away that is no longer challenging or inspiring them and leave them only with the things that do. 

Excess items: You may have noticed that your toddler’s bookcase no longer holds all their books or their toy box is overflowing with fluffy animals. If there is an area of their room that has become overrun with a certain category of things, you know it’s time to purge a little so everything fits well in the designated space. When lids and doors can be closed with ease and shelves can breathe, you know you have reached a happy medium!

Seasonal items: Christmas themed t-shirts, sweaters, socks and PJs aren’t likely to fit your toddler next December so declutter anything that has a festive theme to friends, family or the donation bin as they will probably still be in good condition. Any other items you know you can reuse such as books and toys can be sectioned off into a box and put in an attic or basement for next year. 

Anything your toddler no longer plays with: You know your little one’s playing habits by now and you will be aware of what they regularly reach for from their old collection and also what they never gravitate towards. If you don’t want to get rid of these items straight away because you aren’t 100% sure if they are done with them, you can always keep them in a holding bin. After some time has passed- if they don’t ask for them, you know for certain that they have forgotten about them and have moved on. 

So there we have it- seven categories of things you can declutter in order to make way for your toddler's new and exciting additions! 

Happy New Year and happy decluttering! 

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