If you have a newborn and time off over the Easter break, you may be wondering what you can do to celebrate while still doing things that are suitable for your little one. While they may not be able to go on an Easter egg hunt or indulge in foil wrapped chocolate yet, there are still plenty of activities to enjoy together as a family. 

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Easter walk: It’s still a little chilly outside, but the sunnier days are starting to creep in between the rain and storms, so wrap your little one up warm and take them for an Easter walk. The likes of The National Trust and your local parks and gardens will be running themed events, which will add a bit of interest for you- but your baby will be happy looking at the tree canopies and the sky just as much as Easter themed points of interest, but the do make for a lovely photo opportunity! 

Photo shoot: If this Easter is your baby’s first, you may want to remember it with a photo shoot of them dressed up in something appropriate to the time of year so why not do your research and see if there are any studios near you? If your budget will not stretch that far, you can always order a cute outfit to your house, dress them up and take your own- they will give you something to smile back on and cost at the fraction of the price of a professional shoot. Take a look online and you will be able to pick up a knitted hat with bunny ears or a babygrow emblazoned in carrots to make them look the part! 

Singing: Pop on your favourite Easter tunes like Humpty Dumpty and Chick, Chick, Chick, Chick, Chicken and sing along to entertain your little one. They may not be able to join in with the words but will enjoy watching your funny facial expressions and listening to the changes in your tone of voice.  You could even use props if you are feeling particularly enthusiastic!

Read an Easter book: There are plenty of offerings for babies from touch and feel, high contrast and black and white books, depending on how old they are that make for eggcellent bedtime reading or just during the day if the weather isn’t kind. The sooner you start reading to your baby the better, so it’s the perfect excuse to invest in a few or loan some from the library to support your local branch. 

Play with Easter toys: Another activity for if the weather isn’t on your side is to invest in a few Easter themed toys. Anything from fluffy chickens and rabbits to giant squishy eggs, you can even buy a pre-made ‘My First Easter Basket’ containing a number of baby friendly plush toys to snuggle and chew. If you are particularly imaginative, you could use these toys to tell your baby stories about the Easter bunny and all the lovely eggs they will be able to eat when they grow up!  

Decorate: Babies spend most of their time on their backs or in a bouncer chair so they have particular interest in things on the ceiling. For this year, why not invest in some decor to hang about the room you spend the most time in with them? Things like brightly coloured balloons, bunting, string lights, window stickers and display trees with hanging eggs will capture their attention and give them something new to look at and enjoy. 

Painting: All you need is some baby safe paint and some card, then simply apply the paint to the soles of their feet and press them on the card one at a time at an angle from one another and you have yourself two little bunny ears! The perfect present for grandparents, aunties and uncles! 

Happy Easter to all the new mums out there! We hope you have a lovely day!

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