Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

Holding the hand of a family member or close friend as they steer their way through pregnancy can be a really rewarding experience. From early scans through to the birth itself, there's something that's just so special about welcoming a newborn into the world - so when that special day comes, it's best to be prepared!

Knowing what to buy a first time parent can be tricky. With a world of choice available, it can be tough to choose - should you explore a sentimental present or invest in something they'll be able to use on a daily basis? Well, thanks to the team at Vertbaudet, we've been able to a shed a little light on what gifts new parents find the most useful.

Topping the pile is the pushchair. With 64% selecting this practical pressie as the most useful, if your friends are expecting their first baby in the next few months, it might be worth investing if you're looking at being firmly placed in the good books.

With 51% of parents selecting baby clothing as the most useful gift they received following the birth of their firstborn, practicality found itself topping the list once again. And with bouncers (47%), bodysuits (42%) and nappies (42%) completing the top five, the results painted a clear picture of what first time parents hold in high regard.

Hampers were the second-lowest scorers with a fairly weak 13% of the vote - again highlighting the importance of everyday essentials as opposed to sentimental or ornate gifts (sorry hampers!).

Thinking of buying a nice bottle of wine, cheese selection or foot massager for the weary-eyed new parents? Think again. If you're wanting to prove your godparent credentials or simply wish to remain top of the Christmas card list, it might be worth considering buying something from this list of everyday goodies!

Parents also reflected on the most thoughtful gifts they received when they had their first-born. From hand-knitted blankets and handmade cradles, to a cake made just from nappies and a bouquet of flowers comprising of baby clothes, there is a whole world of inspiration for today's baby gift giver.

Personalised gifts are also a favourite of many parents. Memory boxes and books, along with sets to create a mold of baby's hand/foot print, are treasurable items that both baby and parents can look back at in years to come.

Stacey Priestley, Ecommerce Manager at Vertbaudet, said "We are delighted to announce the most useful baby items for first-time parents. It is great to see that parents like such a mixture of items; from a practical pushchair, to keeping their little one stylish in baby clothing. Preparing for your first child can be a daunting task, so we hope this list will help parents prioritise what they need to purchase."

Most useful baby items, as voted by parents:

1. Pushchair 64%

2. Baby clothing 52%

3. Bouncer 47%

4. Bodysuits 42%

5. Bumper pack of nappies 42%

6. Bumper pack of baby wipes 42%

7. Soft toys 39%

8. Play activity mat 38%

9. Changing table 25%

10. Hampers 13%

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