Overnight parents have become their children’s full time teachers, entertainers, as well as continued breakfast, lunch and dinner makers due to the lockdown measures, but a nationwide study by Pom-Bear showed that 64 percent of UK mums and dads now feel closer and more connected to their children than ever before. The study of 1000 parents delved into family experiences over the last five months and also revealed a list of the top 50 life lessons mums and dads felt they should teach their kids.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Featuring high were universal lessons in compassion and empathy such as how to be honest (47 percent), how to be polite (46 percent), and how to be kind (44 percent). But more practical skills also come high on the list, with how to ride a bike (27 percent), how to take care of a pet (26 percent), how to dream big (30 percent), and how to bake a cake (17 percent) also included.

Lessons around good manners also ranked high, including how and when to say please and thank you (42 percent), how to listen as well as to speak (40 percent) and how to share (37 percent). While 81 percent are passing down family life lessons their own parents taught them when they were younger.

Parents across the UK also want their children to care for the environment, with lessons such as how to be respectful to the planet (36 percent), how to appreciate the beauty of nature (31 percent), and how to enjoy a daily walk (32 percent) also featuring.

Meanwhile 42 percent of parents across the UK are concerned that transitioning back into a routine this month will be a struggle for both them and their children. While 42 percent of parents say their child is completely out of a routine and it will be tough to get back into one, a quarter admit their children are cautious about going out.

The study also found that 49 percent are concerned about their child learning how to play with friends while socially distancing and 42 percent are worried about them re-learning how to share. Little wonder then, perhaps, that 41 percent of British parents are concerned about how to manage their child’s transition into a post-lockdown routine.

Beth Williams, Senior Brand Manager for the Pom-Bear brand commented; “Through our research we’ve seen that although lockdown has been a challenging time for families, many parents have felt even closer and more connected to their children than ever before. Increased time at home has seen parents take the opportunity to teach their children new skills, life lessons and even get fitter with the help of Joe Wicks.

After months at home together, and schools opening again this month, lots of parents are now starting to think about their new family routine. We’ve teamed up with experts to create a fun-filled guide supporting families in this process and in particular, helping them rebuild their child’s social confidence as we come out of lockdown.*”  

As parents have become their children’s full-time teachers due to the lockdown measures, 58 percent admit it has been a huge challenge. Two thirds (64 percent) of UK mums and dads however now feel closer and more connected to their children than ever before - as a result of spending more time at home together, learning new skills and even getting fitter with Joe Wicks!

The research showed that 65 percent of parents agree that teaching their kids practical life lessons is just as important as academic subjects like maths or English, and three in ten parents have taught their kids new skills like baking and gardening for the first time during lockdown. And 38 percent of families have been doing things together for the first time, like playing board games and going for walks.

And despite 78 percent agreeing that the UK is a resilient nation which will get through this difficult time, 54 percent of parents believe their child is going to be affected by lockdown. That’s why Pom-Bear is helping families to navigate post-lockdown life with a new guide filled with fun, low-cost games, activities and ideas which embrace the new positive changes set during lockdown whilst also supporting families in their readjustment journeys. 

Visit the Pom-Bear & Pals Guide by clicking HERE for helpful tips and games to help rebuild your child's social confidence, and follow the link HERE to see the Queen of the Jungle, Jacqueline Jossa, testing out some of the top tips and tricks from the Pom-Bear & Pals Guide with her daughter Ella.

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