As soon as your little one reaches the toddling age, the range of clothes you can buy for them seems to escalate. With that said, you don’t need to give in and buy every cute thing that you see. Here are the basics you need to get them through this stage in their development.

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

Socks: I would advise that one pair for every day of the week is enough. If you are anything like me- you will probably wash them that regularly that you could work with less- but toddlers are experts in losing socks, so you have to cover all your bases.

Sleepsuits: Although you can probably get pjs at this point- I would still recommend sleepsuits for as long as possible. Separates only ride up and down so your baby will end up baring their belly once they have wriggled around in bed at night- meaning they are not as warm as they could be. A onesie ensures they will be covered all over, all night long.

Shoes: Your baby’s feet grow on average three sizes in their first year, then two sizes until they start school so chances are you will be changing their shoes fairly regularly therefore one neutral pair for each growth spurt is enough. Make sure they are made by a reputable brand like Clarks- yes you will pay a little more for them but it means they are wearing exactly the right size for their feet as the staff in the store will measure them each time.

Vests: I would encourage you to buy one for every day of the week of these too- either long or short sleeved depending on the time of year. If you purchase a neutral colour, they will match with any pieces you pair them with and because they fasten around the nappy, you won’t have any issues with their tops rolling up- vests always stay put no matter how wriggly your little one is.

A coat: This will of course be dictated by the time of year- so a thick, lined one is always the best option for winter and something thinner but effective is ideal during the summer months, with something in between for autumn and spring. As with shoes- toddlers grow out of their coats very quickly so just one will do that you can throw in the washing machine if necessary.

Dungarees: These are my go-to with my daughter as they are minimum fuss. They stay where they are supposed to unlike a top and trousers or a dress and they protect the knees for children who are still crawling. A week’s worth should see you through so it’s worth spending a bit more on quality pieces.

Jumpers and cardigans: You want to keep your little one warm so a jumper or cardigan for each day of the week will put your mind at ease when it comes making sure your little one is snuggly. Jumpers are less fussy as there are no buttons to contend with, but both have the same effect. Once more, if you keep the colours neutral, their wardrobe will always be interchangeable depending on where you are in your washing cycle.

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