With babies having such delicate skin, it makes them particularly vulnerable in the Winter months. The effects of central heating, cold winds and extra clothing layers can all take their toll on the sensitive skin of a young baby.

Winter Skincare Advice for Baby & You

Winter Skincare Advice for Baby & You

The baby skincare experts at Bennetts for Babies have put together the following advice for parents, keeping your babies precious skin moisturized and protected.

Top Tips for Winter Skincare:

Babies have few natural moisturizers and little pigment cells and are naturally more susceptible to dry skin. Central heating dries skin out, robbing it of its natural oil, add to this cold winds and exposed areas such as the hands and feet are likely to see some degree of chapping. Bath your baby less often and keep bath time shorter than in the warmer months as water can dry your baby's skin out.

Bath your baby with a rich oil such as our Aqueous Bath Drops will help the skin retain water and lock in moisture. This will prevent dryness of the skin and reduce any itching. A soap substitute such as aqueous cream can also be used to avoid drying their skin out.

Keep an eye out for rashes, eczema and dry areas all of which become more apparent in colder climates. A nourishing moisturiser such as an Aqueous Cream will sooth and rid any of these problems and can be applied to the entire body as and when it is needed.

Cold air and windy weather can leave your baby with dry chapped lips. This common winter skin-care problem can be helped by adding extra moisture to the skin. Our nipple cream doubles up as a good lip balm for both mum and baby.

A baby's skin can become irritated if a baby becomes too warm, this can then lead to further dryness of the skin. Their skin is very fragile compared to ours and designed to help your baby regulate his temperature, keep essential fluids in and protect against infection.

Therefore avoid over-dressing your little one, opt instead for several thin layers of clothing (made of natural fabrics) so the skin can breathe as much as possible. Wool clothing next to the skin can irritate pre-existing conditions such as eczema.

The Winter months often play havoc with our skin and can leave us with chapped lips, or dry and uncomfortable patches of skin. If untreated, these minor complaints can lead to damaged skin and an unhappy baby, our advice is to moisturise, moisturise, moisturise especially before leaving the house and braving the elements.