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Emma Kinsey

Emma Kinsey

I hope you are all well. Last month I asked you to all email in with a colour so that I could send a short colour therapy reading to the person I was drawn to. I was drawn to Holly and below is the short colour therapy reading I sent and her response. You will see from the results how by just choosing a colour it can say so much about your personality, health and what other colours you need to incorporate in your life.

Colour Therapy Results

Reading - Hello Holly, thank you for picking the colour yellow with regards to Colour Therapy. Yellow is the colour of the sun so you are most probably a bright and lively person. Yellow people tend to be good communicators and often take on to many projects to deal with. You may well suffer with problems from the digestive system as you tend to worry about things more with the mind than the body.

Although you picked yellow it's complimentary colour is violet so this means you actually need to have this colour more in your life for balance. You can incorporate this into your life by the food that you eat. For example violet ray foods, aubergines, purple grapes, purple broccoli and blackberries. Another alternative is to use violet ray essential oils which is Lavender, Juniper and Cloves. If you incorporate these things into your life it will make you feel rejuvenated and give balance. This is only an example of different colour treatments.

Holly's response - Thank you for the choosing me for the colour therapy. Most of which you said is very right. I have recently taken on lots of differnt things with work and personal life and started to feel I couldn't handle all of it. In regards to needing more balance in my life I have tried to change my diet for a better balance so I will be adding these foods into my new diet. Thank you again Holly.

Merry Christmas and remember your loved ones are only a thought away.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish each and everyone of you a very merry Christmas. This can actually be a very hard time for a lot of you out there that have loved ones to spirit. They may of passed recently or a while ago, it is so very hard to try and enjoy the festivities without them here physically.

I want to remind you all that our loved ones are only a thought away. Send them your loving thoughts around this time of year as they can hear you. When we are smiling so are our loved ones up above. Be happy and have a wonderful christmas knowing that your loved ones are still around and celebrating with you.

Quote Of The Month

"Our loved ones do not go away, they walk beside us everyday"

The card is from the Talking to Heaven Pack by Doreen Virtue and James Van Praagh