Hello, readers, I hope you are all well. For this month's column, I thought I would introduce you to my best friend Theresa who is a Reiki Master. Below she explains all about reiki healing and how it can help you. Enjoy! Emma x

Reiki Master - Theresa

Reiki Master - Theresa

My name is Theresa. I am a Master Reiki Healer and also teach this amazing energy healing. I truly believe that Reiki can help to transform the lives of those who both give and receive. I also work in my own unique way with angels and spirit, reading cards, and energy as I do my healing. I give messages, mainly of a guiding and healing nature, with the help of spirit, to the special soul that is guided to come and see me. I also believe in the use of, and give Reiki to animals and plants as well as use it for crystals and almost everything, as such is the wonder of this amazing universal energy. What is Reiki? What are the levels?

In a brief summary... Reiki is the beautiful spiritual practice of laying on of hands whereby life force energy is then channelled through the attuned healer into the person receiving. Rei stands for higher power or Gods Wisdom. Ki stands for life force energy.

It has no dogma and is not a religion. You do not have to believe in anything to give or receive, or to learn and use Reiki. Reiki energy is intelligent and has the ability to flow throughout the body of the healer, and out through the hands and then throughout the body of the receiver to where it is most needed. During a treatment, those who are clairvoyant can see the energy go in through the healers Crown from above and then out through their hands. I have been told I have vivid blue light. Others may differ. It is intention to that makes all of this work.

Anyone can learn Reiki, and everyone can receive. The energy adapts for each person. You do not use your own energy, and while it flows through you, you also receive the healing.

Reiki level one is where it all starts, and for some, where it is enough for what they need or want. In Reiki level one, you learn a little about the founder and the history. You learn about the principles and the chakras and the effects of Reiki.

You are also attuned to receive and also to be a channeller of this Reiki energy. This is a beautiful one to one short private ceremony between master and student and is just amazing.

For some, it opens up so much more too and can really open up their connection to those higher realms too. Once you have this attunement, you are a channeller for life. You can practice on yourself and family and friends. You can also give Reiki to animals and plants.

Reiki really is amazing. The first part is to experience it for yourself with a treatment, maybe a course of them. Healing attunements can also be given to those that just wish to receive healing on a deeper level, rather than learn this beautiful form of healing.

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