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I hope you are all well. In the last two weeks I have been away doing one to one readings in Ireland. One reading that really touched my heart was a lady in Derry Northern Ireland. A close family member to her had passed away recently. It was a young girl called Bronagh, she lost her battle with cystic fibrosis recently.

I was given a blog she had written whilst she was still here on this earth. It amazed me and I wanted to share it all with you this month. This young lady along with many other people are the real hero's of this world, her life in her words.

Wee story about me

Cystic fibrosis stops me from going out with friends and from doing practically anything really as it makes me cough a lot. I also have to go to doctors' appointments and to hospital when I'd rather be with my friends doing social things or going to my work. It can get a bit annoying at times. My personal symptoms include coughing, wheezing, can't walk, coughing blood, temperatures, high heart rate, like and being unable to do things that I normally could do if I wasn't ill. For example, if I was coughing a lot, then I couldn't do walking or dancing because it would make me more productive, which means bringing up lots of phlegm and isn't very nice. Sometimes it makes me sick in front of my friends, which can be embarrassing.

My treatments on a daily basis include medication, or I have antibiotics through a needle in my hand or Port-A-Cath, which is a piece of metal under the skin. Which has recently been removed as there was a blood clot on the line and had to get rid of the infection. I also have inhalers and physiotherapy twice a day, which helps stop me getting bugs and brings up all the nasty stuff that can do my body harm. Have had about 15 blood transfusions in the past month as I was really unwell but the saying is (you can't put a fighter down).

I was about 14 years old when I was taught how to do my physio by myself properly. I also learned how to use my inhalers and the PEP mask. My mum and dad loved learning new things and teaching me as I was growing up well as the physiotherapists. I think it was easier for my parents to teach me things rather than doctors and I live with my parents and there always gonna be there no matter what.

There isn't a proper age for people with cystic fibrosis to start learning their own treatments, just when they feel confident. It's important that people learn to manage their own treatment. It makes you feel more independent and happy that you're not relying on somebody else. Having cystic fibrosis doesn't stop me from doing everything I want to do, but when I'm unwell, it can stop me from going to work, stop me walking and stop me doing pretty much everything, but when I'm well, I can do anything that someone who doesn't have cystic fibrosis can do.

I love to dance and sing, and act stupid with my friends and I like to make them laugh. When I'm unwell, I always try to have something to aim for when I'm in hospital. Getting weight on my skinny little body and keeping my lung functions at my base line or slightly over, the better the weight and the lung function, the better I be. When I'm in hospital and can't go out for a few days, I always plan something nice so that I have something to look forward to when I come out. You can fight anything bad that comes along when there's something positive at the end.

It has got to a part in my life where I just feel like giving up and not wanting to be on this earth nomore, but I was not given this illness if I could not handle it, I'll be a wee groovy granny in 50 years HAHA

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