Hello readers,

Emma Kinsey

Emma Kinsey

First of all, I would like to say a very big happy new year to each and every one of you. I hope this year all your hopes, dreams and aspirations become that one step closer. Remember anything is possible if you believe in it enough.

Animal Lovers

This month I wanted to talk about animals and how important they are to us. You will see I have attached a picture of our family dog, meet Freddie the frenchie who is very much still with us in this life. I was never an animal lover before we had him and to be quite honest I never understood people's love and admiration for their pets. He became a part of our family at a very sad time not long after my own father had passed to spirit.

He is such an amazing dog, he has his own little personality and gives so much love. He has brought laughter and comfort to me and many of my family when it was most needed. He really is a little bundle of joy, he is always so happy to see you no matter whatever else is going on he brings a smile to my face. So my point is it's now safe to say I understand why animals become so special to people and they really do become a member of the family.

Dogs are actually very spiritual animals and they do sense spirit around them. Many of you may be able to relate to this. They become overexcited and can sense things in the room, they will probably bark and you will not understand why they are staring and barking at things that are supposedly not there. Dogs are also well known to help elevate stress just by being near them and stroking them they really are remarkable.

Animals And The Afterlife

It is not only dogs that we have as pets it's all types of animals, for example, cats and many others. During my years of doing readings, many animals have been brought forward to me that have passed on over to spirit. The delight on my clients faces knowing their beloved pet is safe and well and is still with them is very emotional. My point for this week's column is to focus on people who are animal lovers and lost not only their pet but in many cases their best friend to spirit.

Please know they remain with you just the same as a spirit from a loved one does. Your pets may appear in your dreams this is a way of them letting you know they are still with you. If any of you would like me to share a picture of your beloved pet in spirit in my next column I will be choosing one. Please email me at [email protected]

Quote Of The Month - "Live in the moment your life is happening right now"

I always make a point of telling people this, NOW is what is important! You are living now! Do not focus on the past or even the future, focus on now and be thankful that each day is a gift that many others are unfortunately not able to open.