During my spiritual life as a psychic medium, a lot of people have asked me who influenced me or where did I get strength from to deal with my gift. From a young age, all of my family were interested in the spiritual world, in particular, having a psychic medium as a stepfather.

Emma Kinsey

Emma Kinsey

Due to this, I was made aware of many mediums around the world but one that struck me massively was psychic medium John Edward. I watched him a few times and I was drawn to his warm lovely energy as he worked with spirit. In my early twenties, I worked in my mother's tarot shop in Spain. There were many different psychic medium books that were for sale and we had a very good stock of John Edwards.

I started to read his books in my spare time in the shop and it was through his books I began to feel more normal. His understanding of the spirit world and the experiences he had really helped me to relate to things that were happening to me in my life. His books are written so well with an ease of understanding.

I wanted to write this article about him because if there is anyone who is dealing with coming to terms with being a spiritual medium I highly recommend you read his books. These books are not only for mediums they are for anyone who is interested in learning more about the spirit world and how it all works.

The two books I highly recommend of his are the after life and crossing over. This gentleman helped me more than he could ever know, I hope he can help some of you too. His website is johnedward.net

By Emma Kinsey.