Your Tarot Horoscopes for July 2020 Courtesy of Tarot London 

Tarot Readings for July

Tarot Readings for July

Aries - Ace Of Wands

A brand new creative opportunity is on it's way to you! This card also means fire and passion and if you have just started dating things are about to heat up!


Taurus - Justice 

Karma is about to be handed out to you on a plate and whether it will be good or bad will all depend on your past actions!


Gemini - 7 of cups

You have too many options which makes it HARDER to choose! Ask advice from friends to help narrow them down or you will be there forever!


Cancer - 7 OF Wands

Someone has got their back up and will NOT back down on this one! Try to communicate with them differently from how you normally would.


Leo - The Emperor 

You may have been crying out for stability, well you can expect that with this card! Your job, relationships and family life should become more stable, no more wobbles here!


Virgo - 10 Of Pentacles 

Money is on its way to you and you can finally count your blessings! Your family life will be more stable with happiness all round.


Libra - 6 Of Swords 

We have travel here and a potential trip overseas or a holiday you will start to plan for.


Scorpio -  Page Of swords

We have delays here and you will need a lot of patience if you want these plans to work out for you! This cannot be rushed.


Sagittarius - 10 Of Cups

Your family life will be at its peak here with a lot of joy & happiness. You will be able to relax a little and enjoy it too!


Capricorn - The Sun

Happy times are on their way to you! Expect much joy & fulfilment after a long and hard battle!


Aquarius - 4 Of Pentacles

Someone here is being possessive, whether it be over their finances or you this is not a good sign. Don't hold onto people for the wrong reasons!


Pisces - The Chariot

The Page Of Cups - Expect romantic news! A message will soon be on it's way to you and make everything clear!


By Sian Day