Britain's Camilla had an "inspiring" chat with an 18-year-old amputee yesterday (22.10.09).

I'd only been out an hour and a half but I was the only person injured

The Duchess of Cornwall met Craig Wood - who lost his arm and both legs fighting in Afghanistan - when she visited Headley Court in Epsom, one of the military's top rehabilitation centre.

As she watched Craig receive physiotherapy, Camilla - the wife of Prince Charles - heard about his injuries, which left him with only a 50 per cent chance of survival.

He told her: "I'd only been out an hour and a half but I was the only person injured. The helicopters are absolutely amazing in how fast they get out to you. That's what saves your life.

"When I joined the Army I did not really think about getting injured. I have to see the best in it. I'm going to start walking in a matter of weeks. I have lost a number of good colleagues so I know how lucky I am, in a way."

The centre also cares for several members of Camilla's own regiment, 4th Battalion The Rifles, of which she is Royal Colonel.

As she left Headley Court, Camilla said the soldiers she'd met at the Rehabilitation centre were 'inspiring'.

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