Britain's Prince Charles has called for a more holistic approach towards medicine and health in the UK.The prince, who has championed homeopathic medicine in the past, told a conference on integrated health at the Royal Society of Medicine in London that diseases should be tackled by a combination of orthodox and alternative medicines.The 56-year-old royal also stressed the importance of healthy diets and recommended "nutritious, organic, locally grown food" over processed food which he blames for poor health and children's illnesses such as obesity and allergies.Charles said Britain's health was at risk from poor food, referring to a study which found a link between nitrate levels in vegetables and gullet cancer.When the prince first raised the issue of homeopathic medicine in the 1970s he was criticised for "attacking modern medicine," but there has since been a huge shift in people's attitudes to alternative and complementary medicines.According to the prince one in five people turn to complementary therapies, and three-quarters of people would like to see them available on Britain's health service.Charles also praised the efforts of TV chef Jamie Oliver in his bid to improve the quality of school meals and help combat behavioural problems through better diet.

Prince Charles has caused controversy over the years with his strong views on a number of subjects which are close to his heart, including organic food which is grown at his home Highgrove House's model farm. He also has been an outspoken critic on diverse topics including modern architecture and nanotechnology.

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