Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth celebrated the 400th anniversary of the King James translation of the Bible yesterday (16.11.11).

the powers that be, the apple of his eye, signs of the times and a law unto themselves.

The British monarch, the Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Charles all gathered at Westminster Abbey in London for a special service to mark the anniversary of the translation.

A bound copy of the Book of Genesis was presented at the altar of the church to mark the creation of the 'People's Bible' made up of handwritten verses of the King James version, completed by more than 22,000 people across Britain.

The project is creating the world's first digital handwritten Bible, which will then be available on the internet. Prince Wales wrote the very first two verses and other contributors include British Prime Minister David Cameron, and actors Timothy West.

The translation of the Bible was first ordered by James I in 1604, as an attempted to forge unity between England and Scotland.

During the service, Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams told the congregation: "The temptation is always there for the modern translator to look for strategies that make the text more accessible - and when that temptation comes, it doesn't hurt to turn for a moment - for some long moments indeed - to this extraordinary text."

Expressions from the King James Bible are still used in modern English, including phrases such as "the powers that be", "the apple of his eye", "signs of the times" and a "law unto themselves."