Britain's Prince William is a fan of electronic music.The 24-year-old royal is said to have gone "bananas" when he heard the latest release by British techno group Mint Royale.The second-in-line for the throne apparently loved the 'Sexiest Man in Jamaica' so much he asked his royal aides to contact the band's record label and get an exclusive copy of their album.However, according to The Jamaica Gleaner website, the music-loving royal was left flabbergasted, when his request was rejected.Neil Claxton, the frontman of Mint Royale, was quoted as saying: "We think it is funny. When the album first came out, our label had a call from Buckingham Palace asking for a copy of the album. They thought it was a joke and so they told them to go to their nearest record shop."Meanwhile, an American girl band -The Pussycat Dolls - has reportedly developed an obsession with the handsome royal. The six American singers were reportedly desperate to meet William, while they were visiting the UK.

Kimberly, 24, was quoted as saying: "We absolutely love Prince William. He's good-looking, intelligent, charming, gentlemanly, the list goes on."

Band mate Nicole, 27, agreed: "He's my dream guy. I really hope I see him while we're over here."

However, Carmit, 31, said: "Hands off Nicole, he's mine. We heard he might be near the Tower of London so we're going straight down there to see the crown jewels." The Pussycat Dolls claim they are all single and haven't been on a date for a year.