Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria finds it hard to "recognise familiar faces".The 30-year-old princess has revealed she has been diagnosed with prosopagnosia, a rare condition which leaves sufferers unable to remember other people's names and facial features.She told Sweden's Foraldrakraft magazine: "I find it very hard to remember names and faces, and that is a big drawback in my capacity because obviously I meet an awful lot of people."I really try to learn names and faces but they just do not stick."Victoria is one of approximately 200,000 of Sweden's nine million population to suffer from prosopagnosia.Sufferers are encouraged to recognise people by learning other features such as clothing, hair colour, body shape and voice.The princess has previously spoken about her struggles with dyslexia, a learning disability which makes it difficult to read and write.

She said: "I used to think I was stupid and slow because of my dyslexia.

"For me school was fun, but it was also very demanding. When one has reading and writing difficulties, it can be tough sometimes. It can sound like a simple problem, but it isn't. I know."