Royal News: Former Greek King Constantine rescued four puppies while he was out walking in the hills above the ancient Greek capital of Nafplion.The ex-monarch came across a dead dog, which had been poisoned, and saw it had given birth to eight puppies.Four of them were still alive and lying nearby, so Constantine carried them back to his villa.He plans to give the puppies to his grandchildren as gifts, according to Britain's Daily Mail newspaper.Constantine was exiled from Greece and has only been allowed back into his country recently.Before his return he was living in London with his wife, Anne Marie. Constantine's eldest daughter, Princess Alexia, recently gave birth to a baby boy.The 30-year-old royal became a mother for the second time in July, when she gave birth to a healthy son at the Teknon Clinic in Barcelona, Spain. The princess and her husband, Carlos Morales Quintana, named the new arrival Carlos.

Alexia and Spanish architect Carlos married in London in 1999. They now live in Barcelona, where the princess works with children who are suffering from Down Syndrome.