Madness singer Suggs

Madness singer Suggs

Buckingham Palace serves "the most delicious canapes".

The British royal residence has some of the most luxurious catering ever tasted by Madness singer Suggs, who performed on the roof of the palace with his group in June as part of Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

He said: "Having performed on its roof, Buck House served the most delicious canapés. The royal vol-au-vents were fluffed within an inch of their lives."

The singer is just at home eating in a greasy spoon cafe as he is nibbling on treats from the royal kitchen, but he laments the decline of the great British working man's cafe.

He added to Observer Food Monthly magazine: "I don't mind eating on someone's yacht and I don't mind eating in someone's caravan. All these things have their reason and time and purpose, and a boiled egg is just as good as truffles.

"The great tragedy today is caffs - I still want to go to them but they use s**t produce and serve bad food. Like so much of working-class popular culture they've gone to the lowest common denominator, while meanwhile it's £14.50 for a fried breakfast at a 'posh caff' in Notting Hill."