Prince Charles should stand in an election to determine whether he becomes the Head of State, author Owen Jones has suggested.

Prince Charles

Prince Charles

The political activist - who wrote the much-discussed book 'Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class' - cited a recent poll showing that 54 percent of the Brits would prefer Prince William to succeed Queen Elizabeth, and argued Prince Charles should run in an election.

Speaking on LBC Radio, Jones explained: "As a country would it be the end of the world [to elect our head of state]? Wouldn't it enshrine our democracy?"

Jones subsequently turned his attention to the poll and cited it as a potential reason as to why Prince Charles should run in an election.

He said: "There's a poll recently which suggested that 54 percent of people think Prince William should take over, and about 25 percent think it should be Charles.

"One way of going about it is that they both could stand in an election and, while we are at it, maybe some other people could stand as well. We could have an open election about who our head of state is."

This comes shortly after a YouGov poll found that just 36 per cent of people think Prince Charles has been positive for the Royal Family compared to 60 per cent four years ago, while less than a fifth of people (14 per cent) would want his wife, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, as queen.

What's more, over a third of people (39 per cent) called for Camilla to be called Princess Consort, instead of Queen Camilla, if Charles becomes king - but 30 per cent don't think she should have any rank at all.

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