Britain's Queen Elizabeth enjoys catching bats.

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth

The 89-year-old royal reportedly uses a butterfly net to snare the creatures from the upper reaches of Windsor Castle but always ensured the nocturnal animals were not harmed once taken outside.

Royal chronicler Brian Hoey is quoted in Karen Dolby's new book 'The Wicked Wit Of Queen Elizabeth' as saying: "In the later afternoon it was quite common to see Her Majesty call for a butterfly net so that she could catch the bats which infest the upper reaches of the castle.

"She would catch them in the net, hand them to me and tell me to let them go outside. She was always very strict about them not being harmed

Meanwhile, the queen's cousin Margaret Rhodes used to enjoy deer stalking with the monarch as a teenager and says the royal could never resist playing jokes on people.

She said: "She would be crawling on her stomach with her nose up to the soles of the stalker's boots, which would be a surprise to the stalker."

And Margaret also noted the queen drives "like a bat out of Hell" and never wears a seatbelt, despite the book claiming her driving style is "combative and assertive"."

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