Duchess Camilla does yoga to stay "supple".

Duchess Camilla

Duchess Camilla

The 70-year-old royal watched on as elderly people took part in a number of activities - including yoga - at Tiong Bahru's Community Centre as she revealed she is a fan of both yoga and Pilates.

Observing a yoga session conducted by instructor Lim Bee Ling, she said: "It's very good for you yoga, isn't it? I do a bit of yoga. A bit of yoga and a bit of Pilates. It's very good for you as you get older, it makes you less stiff - good for your muscles. It makes you much more supple. I think it's very important as you get older to take exercise and stretch."

As the Duchess of Cornwall watched on, she was impressed with how the members of the class were holding some poses for up to five minutes.

She shared: "They've very good aren't they? They must be exhausted. I'm not sure I'd survive a yoga class here, it's easier lying on the floor."

At the community centre, Camilla watched a number of activities, such as flower arranging, painting and cookery, which are all about "active ageing".

The cookery classes hosted by chef Jolyn Wong saw the Duchess help to make popiah.

She said: "Eating in the most healthy way is essential. Healthy ageing, that's what we all need."

Camilla also took part in a brush painting class, following the lead of artist Ang Cheng Chye.

Looking at her creation, she said: "This is a horse - I'm very happy to say."

Whilst Ang Cheng Chye added: "She was a very good painter, it looks like she may have had lessons, we're going to frame this and put it on display."