Duchess Catherine is launching a photography project to "capture the spirit of the nation" during the coronavirus pandemic.

Duchess Catherine

Duchess Catherine

The 38-year-old royal has teamed up with the National Portrait Gallery for the upcoming 'Hold Still' exhibition and wants UK citizens to send in photos they have taken during this time of uncertainty.

She said in a statement: "We've all been struck by some of the incredible images we've seen which have given us an insight into the experiences and stories of people across the country.

"Some desperately sad images showing the human tragedy of this pandemic and other uplifting pictures showing people coming together to support those more vulnerable.

"'Hold Still' aims to capture a portrait of the nation, the spirit of the nation, what everyone is going through at this time. Photographs reflecting resilience, bravery, kindness - all those things that people are experiencing."

The project is open to "all ages and abilities" and people are asked to submit a photographic portrait, along with a short written submission, based on one of three themes; 'Helpers and Heroes', 'Your New Normal', and 'Acts of Kindness'.

Entries can be made from Thursday (07.05.20) and the closing date will be June 18.

A digital exhibition of 100 portraits will then be staged and a selection of the photos will be sown across the UK later this year."

Photos - which can be taken on camera or phone - will be assessed on the emotion and experience, they convey rather than the photographic quality.

Nicholas Cullinan, Director of the National Portrait Gallery London, said: "Even if we are alone, we can all create something together.

"We are honoured to partner with The Duchess of Cambridge on the 'Hold Still' project, which will provide an inclusive perspective on, and an important historical record of, these unprecedented times, expressed through the faces of the nation."

Catherine herself is a keen photographer and is often behind the camera of official pictures she and husband Prince William has released of their three children, Prince George, six, Princess Charlotte, five, and two-year-old Prince Louis.